Privacy Policy

All information provided to and held by the Norman Collinson Charitable Trust (NCCT) is processed in line with the principles of good information handling. 

What information do we hold, what do we do with it and why?

Information will be fairly and lawfully processed only for the purposes of assessing grant applications.  Information provided to NCCT should be adequate for the Trustees to consider the grant application and be entirely relevant to the application.  Such information will be kept securely for no longer than is necessary.

Information requested in our Application Form will be used by the Trust to consider applications for funding.  We will only collect information directly from you, or your representative, and we will not contact any other organisations.  When submitting information for an application, please do not include excessive medical details. 

Data handling and retention

Personal data is held only for the period required for legal retention within our accounting and charitable status requirements.  All data is securely stored.  NCCT will never use any personal information for marketing and will never pass your personal information to a third party unless there is a legal obligation to do so.   When appropriate, secure disposal and deletion is used.

Please contact NCCT if you have a query regarding the personal data held about you or how that data is used.  The Clerk to the Trustees will make every effort to help you.  Please email in the first instance to

Norman Collinson Charitable Trust
The Mile
YO42 1TW

Tel: 01759 322102

Registered charity number: 277325