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     Registered Charity Number 277325

Social Grant applications are considered for individuals / families in need who live within the City of York, or the immediate area. All applications must be submitted via a third party agency, for example, health workers, mental health workers, child support services, education services working for such agencies as the City of York Council, Leeds & York PFT, North Yorkshire County Council, Changing Lives. The Trust does not normally support applications for rent arrears or holidays.

The current application form is available for download. Signed applications must be sent by post or email to the Clerk. In exceptional circumstances where an urgent response is required, it is recommended you contact the Clerk directly.

All applications will usually be considered within six weeks unless further information relating to the application is needed. Decisions will be advised as soon as possible.  Please note that if an application is declined the Trustees are not prepared to identify the reason for their decision and there will be no further correspondence.

Please click here to download the current Individual Grant Application Form