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Welcome to the Norman Collinson Charitable Trust

The Norman Collinson Charitable Trust gives financial support by way of grant to charities and charitable causes. The support is mainly in respect of projects benefiting the residents of York and the surrounding areas. Grants rarely exceed £5,000 and are often in the range of £200 to £2,000.

The Trust is largely funded by the capital provided by its founder, Norman Collinson and some subsequent family donations. The Trustees meet once a month to consider applications. The Trust generally aims to assist youth, the disabled, the aged and infirm, and local community organisations where need is demonstrated. Due to the number of applications the Trust receives, the Trustees have found it necessary to confine the grants for the benefit of persons in York and district unless special circumstances apply.

The Trust normally receives over 220 grant applications and awards approximately 120 grants per annum. Since being founded the Trust has donated approximately £3,000,000 and those donations have been funded in the main by income and growth of the original capital. If you are interested in making a financial donation to help the work of the Trust please contact the Clerk to the Trustees to discuss options.

     Registered Charity Number 277325